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Why Should You Use a Technical Editor?


Words are powerful communication tools. How words appear in print is critical to getting a message across to an audience in an academic, professional, or social setting. Presenting your ideas in a clear, concise, and error-free way can gain you business advantages, employment, professional recognition, and better grades. Presenting your ideas with text that is difficult to follow and understand, or is filled with distracting and misleading errors can cost you. Poorly prepared documents can turn off potential sponsors, clients, and employers, can cause your readers not to take you seriously, can cost you time and reprint costs, and can cause embarrassment. An experienced proofreader and copyeditor can make sure your document is error free and communicates your message in the best way. Let me help perfect your material. 

Why Use My Services?


I am an engineer who likes to write. Unlike the majority of writers and editors, I have a technical education and decades of work experience as an engineer who earned a reputation as being a go-to person for writing and editing anything of a technical nature. I am not afraid to tackle content from any field. I enjoy helping authors perfect their material by proofreading and editing to ensure wording is clear and efficient. I also understand that some subject matter experts love their topics, but do not always love writing about them.  If writing is a chore for you, I can help. You put time and effort into your work, and I will also. 

Do You Need a Technical Writer?


Have an idea but don't have the time to get all the details down on paper? Have a rough draft but need to polish the wording and structure for the final version? More comfortable talking to someone about your ideas than writing things down, but need to produce a document for others to use? Have a bunch of notes and don't know how to organize them into a cohesive text? Just don't like to write? As a technical writer I am used to coordinating with subject matter experts and writing documents to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely. I can ask the right questions and make sure the final document meets your needs and those of your intended audience. Let me take the pressure off and bring your ideas to print.